Commissioner for Oaths

This site provides a very brief overview of the often misunderstood concept of a Commissioner for Oaths or what is often described as a Commissioner of Oaths. Many people and businesses  encounter the requirement for a Commissioner for Oaths to witness the signing and swearing of a document and are unclear how to proceed and where to look to find a Commissioner for Oaths. The information and links contained in this website provide some useful guidance, background information and advice.  

In English law, a Commissioner for Oaths is a person appointed by the Lord Chancellor with power to administer oaths or take affidavits. All practising solicitors have these powers but must not use them in proceedings in which they are acting for any of the parties or in which they have an interest.

A Commissioner for Oaths can include:

  • Notary Public
  • Solicitor
  • Barrister
  • Legal Executive
  • Licensed Conveyancer

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